It includes nature-derived protein concentration which helps making thin and damaged hair stronger and more beautiful. It gives nutrition of Chinese medicine from the deepest root of and to the end of the hair, leaves lustrous and soft hair.

It certified non-pesticide. Scutellaria baicalensis Georgic has been combined with glycerriza glacra, alpine japonica with Chinese medicine method. Give maximum effect of root-strengthening.

Product Features:

  • Fermented camellia oil gives intense treatment for damaged hair for silky shinny hair.
  • Double care system to give moisture to inside and shinny coat outside.
  • Ginseng extract gives energy to hair, pine leaf extract give clean scalp.

Multiple Benefits:

  • Hair protection
  • Damaged hair strengthening
  • Hair glossy coating

Ryo Heukwoonmo Hair Strengthener Shampoo 180ml

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