The Capsule 100 Bio Seconderm Mask series contains fermented ultra-dense coconut water into mask materials; its structure is similar to the structure of skin protein with only 0.2mm thickness. It is ultrathin, low irritant and malleable, like the second layer of skin. The brand also used Elaeagnus umbellata extract instead of chemical preservatives, its safety and stability are recognized. Apply the face mask for 30-40 minutes and remove it, then apply 100% high concentration liquid capsule on face, gives you double nourishing and repairing effects. 1 piece of mask +1 capsule a day.



STEP 01-Bio-Cellulose Mask 23ml

- High fit like own skin for beauty essence high absorption.

- 04.7 degrees lowering skin temperature for cooling care.

- Absorbs dead skin and impurities when peeling for two-step ampoule absorption.

- Natural bio cellulose sheet similar to skin protein with a fine net structure. Natural moisture ingredient used, skin irritation tested.


SETP 02 - Capsules 100 Ceramide Pure Ampoules 4ml

- Supply nutrition and moisture quickly to prevent moisture loss with long-lasting.

- Ceramide is intercellular quality of the stratum corneum, it is the most important ingredient that protects the skin's moisture.

Mediheal Capsule 100 Bio Seconderm Mask Hydro Beta (10pcs)

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