Prevents the appearance of plaque, pigmentation, caries, removes tartar. Clinical trials show that this toothpaste removes 86% of tartar when used 3 times a day for 3 months. Prevention of gum disease (inflammation of the gums, periodontitis, periodontitis). Whitens teeth and makes them healthier. For a long time refreshes the oral cavity. Contains scaling fiber. Highly effective against plaque and tartar, while carefully caring for tooth enamel and oral cavity. The effect of the constant use of toothpaste. Ultra-small particles of silica remove plaque and make it difficult to further form. It refreshes the breath and resists the deposition of tartar.



How to use: 

use two to three times a day. Whitening paste ("White" white packaging) on ​​the infusion of 1,5-2 months to achieve the effect of whiten teeth.




Water, Sorbitol, Hydrated silicon, Calcium Carbonate, Zeolite, Sodium Lauryl sulfate, Cellulose gum, Fragrance, Tetranatrium pyrophosphate, Sodium monofluorophosphate, Menthol, Sodium saccharin, Titanium dioxide, Triclosan (mass fraction of fluorides less than 0.15%).

MEDIAN Dental IQ Tartar 93% Toothpaste (MAX) 120g

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