NEW Light Fit Powder

Light But Perfect!  Light All Day! Fuzzy! Perfect!



1. Air-light powder

Super light, airy powder lightly adheres to skin like air for a soft and flawless finish 

2. Exquisite pore cover

Silica coccoid powder with excellent pore cover effect for a smoother and flawless skin texture by smoothly covering uneven skin texture and fine curves 

3. Natural blurring and brightening effect

No.1 Natural Beige  - Elastic powder that effectively reflects lights for a natural blurring effect by increasing skin’s clarity
No.2 Bright Pink – Powder with a hint of fine, red pearls adds soft pink bloom to the skin for a brightening effect

4. Micro mesh net & angled kabuki brush

The micro mesh net minimizes wastage of powder.
The angled mini kabuki brush suitable for the contour of the face expresses intricate, natural skin texture


Light But Perfect

Fits skin perfectly yet light like air
Expresses perfect skin as if born with it


How To Use


With the angled kabuki brush, take an appropriate amount of powder by lightly dipping the brush into the container.


For the T zone area, prone to clumps and blotches or makeup blind spots, apply with the upper part of the diagonal cut brush in a tapping motion. 


When applying the product on the entire face, lightly sweep the face with the entire tip of the brush in a circular motion

LANEIGE Light Fit Powder 9.5g + Brush

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