Crystals from Swarovski! COSMETEA DRN 3-COLOR LED MASK



LED mask that focuses on skin tone, Pigmentation, wrinkles and pores using 3 different light sources of red, blue and orange

Use 10 ~ 20 minutes once a day baby porcelain skin!

As easy as ABC!!! After all ur skin care routine, just put it on just like wearing glasses , then switch on the device and relax, just a 10mins and then.... U ARE DONE! Switch it off, Remove device like removing glasses , and go dreamland!

Or while u are applying mask, wear it on for 10-20mins and remove!

Both these create deeper better penetration effects from ur skincare products and mask with the LED Light Treatment!

OF COURSE u can use it on cleansed bare face too!!!



Easy to use directions:

Benefits of each light colour:

Step.1 After facial cleansing, can apply your skincare then put on the LED light mask

Step.2 Press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds to turn on the power.

Step.4 Relax for 10-20 minutes.

Step.3 Press the button to change the color of the light source.

Step.5 Remove LED mask and sleep



RED LIGHT (Anti Aging)

- Pimples Acne marks lightening

Wavelength: 620 to 750 nm

- Wrinkle improvement and elasticity enhancement

- Collagen production, skin elastin improvement

- Blackhead improvement, pore reduction


BLUE LIGHT (Pimples/Acne Oily Problems skin)

- Improve, Treatment and calm pimples acne, Pore Refine and Oil Control

Wavelength: 476 to 495 nm

- Skin deep cleansing like killing bacteria, sebum and germs

Experience visible results like Improve skin elasticity, whitening, and pore enhancement and more elastic skin!


ORANGE LIGHT (Whitening)

Wavelength: 590 to 620 nm

- Improve skin tone and smoothen complexion

- Removing traces of acne pimples marks

- Rough skin improvement

See you skin transform in just as fast as 3 week skin care program (use 10-20 minutes once a day, 21 days later)

- Lighten Pigmentation like freckles

- Whitening



Comes with:

1. Mask device

2. USB connector

3. Power switch

4. Nose Support

5. Time setting switch

6. Manual



T2 Lifting Tea Ampoule

- T2 Lifting Tea Ampoule is a functional treatment product that helps to intensively lift and soften fatigue, prematured and aging skin with combinations of Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acid and Peptides.

- Regular use will moisturise, plump up and prevent aging.

2ml x 10ea



How to use
1. Tap on the top of the ampoule with your finger.
2. Wear an opener.
3. Strengthen the top of the ampoule.
4. Wear safety port.
5. Apply to skin.


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