A makeup base with the functions of color corrector, concealer with silky smooth coverage.


Milky Soft texture: Easy to apply. Smooth Finish. Skin Brightening. Color Therapy. Hiding facial flaws. Accentuating the attractive parts of your face.

Soft texture: easy to mix and gradate with the makeup base and foundation. Thin, moist one-layer adherence with the power of moisture.

01. DarknThief Peach – A peach shade that cancels out bluish under eye circles.
02. Redness Hider Mint – A mimt green color that neutralizes and covers redness.
03. Vitality up Grade Lavender – A lavender shade that neutralizes sallow, yellow areas.
04. Flaw tuning Lemon – An illuminating lemon yellow to even out blotchy, uneven skin tone.


How To Use
Base makeup for a smooth, flawless canvas!

CLIO Peripera Ink Corrector

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