Peripera Butter Pang Tinted Lip Balm 0.2 ounce 01 Cream imparts the majority of the factors with a wonderful low price of 12.78$ which is a deal. It possess several characteristics including lip balm, 0.2, Ounce and SHEA.


Item Feature
Buttery Moisture. tinted seed better which moisture but also dry and flaky for long lips.
Healthy-looking Rosy Butter Pang magically you lips as you'll natural lips you stop.
Smooth texture butter. No likes a lip balm is not a Butter texture gives your a finish.


No.1 Cream Shea Butter : creates natural, healthy-looking complexion. It even looks on the bare face.

No.2 Peach Shea Butter : recommend getting this if orange is the color for you. Get pink tinted lips with a hint of coral.

No.3 Pink Shea Butter : There's no need for a lipstick or lip tint. This is the perfect color for lively, healthy-looking lips. 

CLIO Peripara Butter Pang

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