There were recent cases where people who die when left inside the car for a long time, and that is because cars produce Dangerous Fumes which in a long run, damages our body.
Not only that, you are even exposed to the pollutants from outside your windows!

So how do you protect yourselves from these fumes?


The Airstick is an Internationally Certified Air Purifier that produces more than Into the air.

2, 000, 000 ANION Breathe in fresh air even in the comfort of your car!


  • Kills 99.9% bacteria
  • Provides air vitamins
  • Removes odours
  • DURABLE – Can be used 24/7

  • MAINTENANCE-FREE – Easy to clean


    – No filter

    – No motor

  • COMPACT SIZE – Can be used anywhere


Benefits of AirVita-AirStick

• Keeps our minds alert

• Enhances metabolism

• Aids in circulation and digestion

• Helps regulate body temperature

• Reduces stress & improve sleep

• Keeps vegetables & fruits fresh

• Improves blood pressure

• Reduces headaches, arthritis & chronic illness symptoms



Product name: AirStick

Model name: ACV-12 USB

Input USB: 0.6W

Rating: 220W, 60 Hz (Power Consumption 1.5W)

Mode: AICI(Complex plasma ion)

Product size: L45mm X H137.5mm X W45mm (77g)

Material: ABS flame resisting, PC

Manufacture / Manufacturing country: Airvita Co., Ltd. / Republic of Korea

AIRVITA Airstick - Car Cigar Jack Air Purifier

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$42.00Sale Price

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