A.H.C Premium Phyto Complex Mask (27ml x 5pcs) 
The mask contains a high concentration of Hydrolyzed Collagen which quickly penetrates the underlying layers of skin by using advanced technology. It is perfect for stimulating collagen synthesis, firming and reducing fine lines.

Product Features:

  • The formula contains 50% Hyaluronic Collagen which quickly penetrates and nourishes your skin. It smoothens fine lines, reduces wrinkles, lifting the skin to tackle the loosing problem.
  •  Promotes skin metabolism, smoothes rough and dull skin with adding Soybean Ferment Extract.
  •  Rich in Hyaluronic Acid for excellent moisturizing effect.
  • 100% cotton mask is used to contain more essence and maximize the lifting effect.


How To Use

After completing the cleaning step, apply toner on your face. Then, put on the mask. Wait around 15-20 minutes then take it off and rinse the face. Recommend to apply every other day.  Effects are maximized with cold compress. Put the mask into refrigerator for around 20 minutes. Use it after the thermometer on package turns green.



AHC Phyto Complex Mask Premium (5 pieces)

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