1. Seamless sebum control

- Plant-derived silica efficiently absorbs oil on your eyelids, leaving a crease-, fallout-,and clump-free finish that adheres seamlessly into the skin.

2. Glittery color payoff

- Synthetic pearl mica pigments create sharper color payoff with more intense shimmer.

3. A harmonious spectrum of colors.

- Nine shades blend effortlessly with one another, adding extra dimension with each layer and completing a classy, luxurious eye look.

4. Pure, translucent color payoff.

- Without any typical stuffiness that comes from powder, this eye shadow imparts translucent and buildable color,leaving your eyes looking fresh and clear.



Subtle and mature pinkish brown shades gracefully illuminate your eyes, while the deeper, richer shades create a powerful and alluring 

3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette #Overtake

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